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connect your machines on our web platform easy and fast and monitor your manufacturing process in real-time


One-stop shop for complete MES/MOM solution

We have designed and developed complete hardware and software solution for planning, organizing, leading and controlling manufacturing process. Manufacturing companies face numerous changes today as the market moves more towards extreme design and demand variability. That is why we address to all relevant issues regarding successful implementation of full Manufacturing execution system.
Transformation project

Full End-To-End project designed for your company with optimal range of services and solution for your needs

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Machine Connectivity

We have everything you need in order to bring the intelligence to your machinery. Those are: knowledge, experience, know how and available engineers and technicians for the work to be done.

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MES/MOM software

TopTeep is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to collect signals from the manufacturing shop-floor enabling the management of all operations related to manufacturing.

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ERP-MES synchronisation

Once we get the signal from the machine, we think of immediate prosperity for your business.

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Continuous support

From the moment of training key users to the moment of Go-Live and beyond, we stay available for all customer issues, so the software is used in its best purpose and for the best value it provides.

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Industry 4.0

Let your computers communicate between each other and run your manufacturing business

We are able to integrate TopTeep to any ERP solution of your choice. Get your manufacturing data directly from shop-floor to ERP and reduce the risk of information loss. This will provide you with accurate data, and a streaming insight into profitability.


Digitalize your factory in 10 days!

After our first interaction with you, we are able to deliver first signals from your machinery in just few days, so you can train on real data and complete whole implementation within a 30 days. It depends on you, but we are ready to guaranty you money back if we fail to implement the solution together.

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