Enable full understanding of your efficiency

True value of our reports is that it is based on accurate data submitted to the system. Accuracy is the ultimate value for the business and we know that.

We do everything committing us to this value, which is why our reports help our clients reach the top performance.


Problems we solve with TopReport:

Manufacturing companies come to us because they are aware that making reports, especially with false and not accurate data, is waste for company.

Necessary time for reporting is reduced and this is important for our clients, since their employees “think faster” and enable more time for other activities.

In interaction with ERP data, this kind of monitoring provides complete new view into the business. Our clients are manufacturing companies, but that doesn’t mean that operations out from manufacturing process are less important. They hire us because we keep an eye open on other scopes of their business, where our solution is support for better and faster decision making process.


Our clients achieve

Up to 35% higher production volume
Reduction of change-over time for up to 40%
Reduction of papers and administration for up to 80%

Without modern, digital solution for planning, production process is not fully optimized. The system automatically calculates and adjusts production times, machine occupancy and predicts execution times with its sophisticated AI built in solution.