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On site analysis

On site analysis

On-site kick-off analysis about current business model, manufacturing process and its interaction with other processes in company.

Machine audit with purpose of leveraging all information concerning material flow through machine and its integration abilities

Master data audit with purpose of collecting all data for the system and recognizing future additional added value data for the business

Defining key users and human potential in the company in order to optimize available solutions for real business value

Key benefit: asking questions is key to success. Since MES solution might be strategic decision for company, we strive to cover all areas of expertise in this field.

Detailed GAP analysis as a roadmap for the project

Detailed GAP analysis as a roadmap for the project

Documentation alignment
Data flow need and interaction with other platforms
Machine connectivity spreadsheet
ERP data migration/ integration
Timelines and check points
Training & system handover plan

Key benefit: we commit to an idea that 70% of the success is good planning, so the execution is right, effective and efficient.

Project kick-off

Project kick-off

Key benefit: we keep all relevant parties focused and take care that everybody interacting with the project are not stressed out with implementation, but led through the process with the human care.

Easy and fast connect machines on our web platform for machine monitoring and manufacturing process management