Many manufacturers are surprised when they realize lost capacity in their manufacturing operations. Comparing fully productive time with theoretical time is the first indicator of hidden factory. So, where to start and how to improve this ratio?

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TopTeep is a tool to help you reveal the hidden potential of your manufacturing process. It is far more important to understand the concept of hidden factory and the approach to optimization.

In TopTeep, through our TopTeep Academy, we fully understand the concepts of manufacturing losses hidden in schedule loss, availability loss, performance loss, and quality loss, and we aim to provide our clients with dedicated support to overcome such issues. Through our tailor-made courses, we tackle the fundamentals of basic indicators to explore and find the potential problems and challenges you may face. We teach you to prioritize problems and how to dive deeper into them, so you can analyze and solve them more efficiently. During our sessions, we encourage you to improve and measure implemented improvements. The excellence of this course lies in our understanding of your entire business processes, and thus, we are able to correlate the shop-floor data with your financial data providing you with dependencies.

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The most important aspect of our academy is reporting, including the communication of information through organization. We discuss the best practices for companies regarding information sharing and help you keep your information flow optimized.

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