Topteep MES software

TopTeep is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to collect signals from the manufacturing shop-floor enabling the management of all operations related to manufacturing. TopTeep enables its users to monitor production in real time, and to trace the manufacturing progress in every moment. The information about machine status, speed, reason of stoppage is provided on one page. In this way it is easier to control and keep quality challenges and expectations low rate, hence, the company is keeping the costs regarding scrap down.

Increase your throughput by using TopTeep MES
Imagine a well-organized business system in which every delivery is on time, the scrap is controlled and is on minimum, the production throughput is significantly higher, and as a result, the company’s delivery is increased. Now, imagine the motivation and the enthusiasm of an employee in a company where production planning is done by a mere click of a mouse. Artificial intelligence is performing the calculations of estimated end times of work orders. In an intuitive MES environment, responsible users are able to manage manufacturing operations effortlessly, straightforward, and in a more accurate way. This leads to achieving a higher efficiency in production, and increased goods production.

TopTeep enables users to monitor production in real time, and trace their manufacturing progress at every moment.

Quality challenges and expectations are more easily controlled and kept low rate enabling the company to keep its costs down regarding scrap.
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Overall result
Productivity and profitability are increased, customers satisfaction is stronger and corporate culture is positively affected.

Our system is SaaS solution, so wherever you are, you are able to monitor and manage your manufacturing operations. Topteep supports data buffering, so it is capable of working in offline mode, allowing companies to maintain their IT infrastructure and not worrying that connection with the machinery on the production shop floor might be lost.

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Plan your production in our MES, or just import it from your ERP software.
Speed up your cycle time by getting information about slowdowns in real time.
Reduce downtime by getting information about stoppage in real time.
Spot your quality issues on time, so you can prevent bad scenarios.